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About Oasis

With over a decade of experience, Katie is recognized as a leader in Aesthetics. She offers a holistic approach to skincare with non-invasive, results-driven treatments that produce immediate results. 


Because Katie is dedicated to offering her clients the very best cutting-edge treatments, she never stops exploring what’s new in the skincare industry. With extended learning and education opportunities, you can feel confident that Katie is continuously mastering her craft and staying relevant with current technologies. 


The magic doesn’t stop after your treatment. Katie pays close attention to her client’s lifestyles and needs, and is an expert in establishing proper home-care recommendations to help you reach your unique skincare goals day in and out.


Come relax at Oasis, and gift your skin the care it deserves, while also enjoying Katie’s blissful pressure point scalp massage that will melt all of your troubles away. You will be left rejuvenated on the inside and glowing on the outside.

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