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About Oasis Skincare

With over a decade of experience in Aesthetics, Katie offers a holistic approach to skincare with non-invasive, results-driven treatments. 

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Treatments are by appointment only. 

To schedule, please call or text Katie at
(925) 413-4294


During all treatments, enjoy products that are clean, botanical-based, and comprised of highly concentrated, natural ingredients sourced all over the world. 

These unique compounds are synergistically blended from the highest quality pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical grade ingredients available in the industry. The molecular structure of each product is formulated specifically to allow greater product penetration and aid in corrective and restorative treatments.

Lasting results require a customized treatment and home care regimen, and rest assured you will be guided every step of the way.

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3835 State Street C-154

Santa Barbara, California  93105

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